How did such a sensual act
become so tinged with anger?
Why is “fuck you” an expression of rage
instead of a promise of pleasure?
Does the beast within us respond to the sound,
of that harsh strident “k”
as in prick, or smack,
or strike someone back?
Or is it something more insidious,
some cultural virus that infects our vocabulary
and turns sex slang
into mud sling.
Our everyday speech is sprinkled with fuck
like cement filling in the space between tiles.
The fuckin’ doctor kept me waiting two hours.
The fuckin’ operator put me on hold.
The fuckin’ microwave isn’t fuckin’ working.
And who gives a fuck, anyway?
Fucking may not always be making love,
but need it be a dirty word?
I am a sensual, sexual human being.
Fuck me.


©Ellen Azorin