from FRUITSALAD by Ellen Azorin


to get through a day without crying once
or even feeling like it
start by getting out of bed this is essential
especially if there’s nobody next to your head
take off those nobody-sees-them pajamas
somebody sees them you
walk naked into every single room in the house
including the kitchen
eat a good breakfast and I don’t mean sugar pops
call your office and offer this your heart has missed
a beat and you must wait for the plumber
remember it’s summer
put on shorts you know you shouldn’t wear
and don’t care just pretend you are luscious
my mother says this works
hurry I can see you starting to think
invent an excuse to walk to the corner
almost any will do, but here’s one buy two
mangos sweet things
next step throw something out
big things are better
don’t read those letters
music is very important but
you have to sing along or dance
go to the park and bark
tell yourself that if you still feel like crying
in three hours it will be okay
by then you will have conquered the day.

©Ellen Azorin